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We have 3 locations in total:

  1. Bukit Panjang (164 Gangsa Road) - appointments done by Seemin

  2. Punggol (Punggol East 659A) - appointments done by Xuehan

  3. Bedok (Bedok Mall Starbucks) - appointments done by Weitai.

[For those who wants us to design your tattoo, scroll to NOTEs at the end.]

30 MIN SLOTS: For designs that are small/medium-sized. e.g. quotes, 10x10cm & smaller, med-sized designs (10x20cm) with zero/not much shading/detail work Designs will cost $15-50.

60 MIN SLOTS: For designs that are medium/large-sized. e.g. palm sized & up, design on whole forearm, 2 complex hand designs, designs w/ shading. Designs will cost $60-80.

90 MIN SLOTS: For COMPLICATED* designs that are large-sized e.g. half sleeves non-wrap around with shading, entire ONE side of forearm with a lot of shading & details, non-shading half sleeve wrap-around designs, entire chest plate piece Designs will cost $90-120.

120 MIN SLOTS (Please book two 60 min slots): For COMPLICATED* designs that are huge. e.g. full sleeve wrap-around piece with moderate shading, half sleeve wrap-around with shading, half back piece with shading, full back piece with no shading and minimal symmetry/geometry Designs will cost $130-180.

FYI: Japanese sleeve tattoos usually take 3 hours for a half sleeve non-wrap around with intense shading. So book THREE consecutive 60min slots if you want something of that intensity.

NOTE: If you think your design falls between 30-60min, book the 60min slot. Likewise for the other timings.

NOTE for those who want me to design your Jagua piece: By default, please book a 60 min slot. If it's somewhere small on the wrist/ankle/etc, book a 30min slot. If it's an entire sleeve wrap around, entire chest plate, across your back, book a 2-3hr slot.

*COMPLICATED designs meaning lots of details, shading work, geometry, symmetry etc. If you think it is impossible to do using jagua, it is complicated. (But no worries, we will do it for you. We draw everything.) If you are unsure, message us on Instagram (@henn.drawn) or email us for a price quote/estimation of the slot you should book while attaching design references of the tattoo of your choice. Please refrain from using more than 1 platform to contact us.