Aftercare Instructions



Usually the longer you leave the jagua gel on, the better and darker the stain will be. However, 3 hours is usually the longest it needs to take for the stain to mature. take note that the longer you leave it on, the higher chance of smudging it too, as jagua gel can stain even when it’s dry. so once 3 hours are up, you can wash the gel off using RUNNING WATER and rub everything off till there is no more residue on your skin (no baby wipes/wet tissue). It will look super faint at first but the eventual stain will reach its darkest in 24-48 hours



The key thing about making your jagua tattoo longer lasting is to not let that area of the skin exfoliate too much, as jagua penetrates till the 1st to 2nd epidermis of your skin. Thus the tattoo will last as long as your skin takes to exfoliate. 

It is pertinent to avoid hot water, lotion, sunblock for the first 2 days, as (after much personal experiments) jagua needs to react with oxygen to mature its stain. Once the stain has matured after 48 hours, you can do whatever you want to that area of the skin (as long as you DO NOT exfoliate it, which means going into the pool/sea, getting massages, body scrubs are huge NO NOs)



Thus when your pores are open, i.e. on hot days, during a hot shower, when you’re working out etc., DO NOT TOUCH THE TATTOO at all! For me, I would rinse the tattoo area with cold water first to close up my pores before I proceed to take a normal shower. I also do not touch the area at all during shower. Doing this allowed me to achieve 3 weeks of dark stains. 

If you’re extra kiasu, you can also apply vaseline on the tattooed area everyday to prevent anything to possibly touch your tattoo!


*There is still a tiny population of people who do not achieve dark stains for Jagua, and we are not liable for that because we will never know your skin condition (how dry/moisturised), and how much amino acids you have in your body since everyone is different. Hope that you will understand that certain people can achieve darker stains than others, and we are not liable for any discrepancies that can occur. Thank you!