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Learn the art of Jagua

from Singapore's pioneer Jagua Body Artist herself

Watch this space to find out exactly when would we be holding our next classes ;-)

It doesn't matter if you're an experienced artist or if you have never drawn a single thing in your life, this workshop will cover the basics of drawing, specifically on developing an artist's eye. This workshop will be personally taught by Singapore's pioneer Jagua Artist and founder of Henndrawn, See Min, who has never been formally trained in drawing nor art in a chill and friendly setting. She will impart all the knowledge she learnt throughout her 20 years of drawing, in the short 3 hours and allow yourself to see your own potential in drawing on skin. Our aim for the class is to build a foundation for aspiring artists who want to kickstart their jagua career. Prior drawing skills not required at all; See Min sincerely believes that if she could do it, you could too.

Lesson includes:

  1. Basics of drawing

  2. What you should look out for when drawing freehand on skin

  3. How-To create stencil guides to any design you would want to draw

  4. Basic control of the Jagua gel to achieve line variation and shading techniques

  5. Drawing a Jagua tattoo of your choice on yourself by the end of the class

  6. Your very own Jagua cone to practice at home