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The Thrill of Tattoos Without the Commitment

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An alternative tattoo option

The Henndrawn Experience

Experience the joy of having the appeal and realism of a tattoo but for just 2 weeks! The temporary tattoo is drawn onto the skin using Jagua - an organic fruit-based ink originated from South America - which stains the skin a beautiful tattoo-blue colour. We provide a safe playground for you to test out designs of your choice before you go for the real deal, at a small fraction of the price. Try out how your dream tattoo would look on your very own skin today!

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Jagua Ink

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Often confused with Henna dye, Jagua Ink is derived from the Jagua fruit (Genipa Americana) - a popular fruit in South America used for body ornamentation and medicinal purposes for the past few centuries. Jagua Ink stains the skin a tattoo blue, which is the very reason we decided to import it directly in order to recreate tattoo-like 2-week tattoos on your skin!

Fun fact: Henndrawn is the first to start using Jagua ink in Singapore ;-)

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Services We Provide



Yearning to express your creativity by handling Jagua Ink for yourself? Attend our workshops personally taught by Singapore's pioneer Jagua artist to learn how to bring your wildest tattoo dreams to life, completely DIY!

Oh right, you don't know how to draw? No problem, we got it all covered in our beginner-friendly Jagua tattoo class.


event hires

Mesmerise your guests by offering customised Jagua tattoo services at your next event. Not only do our services tailor to your every need, it provides a nice 2-week memorabilia for your guests to bring home! Our versatility allowed us to have worked with Twitter SG, LinkedIn, NYX Professional Makeup, Zalora, GUESS? and so much more... So what are you waiting for? 


private ink session

You request, we deliver! All you have to do is choose from one of our available slots by clicking on the button below and present to us (at least) a rough idea of your design during the appointment itself!

Click on the booking listing description for more information regarding price, designs, and booking duration.



Meet the Artists

See Min

See Min

See Min founded Henndrawn in February 2016 as a means to give a home to her hobby, then just a leisurely pursuit away from her books. 

Little did she know, later that same year she would pioneer the use of Jagua ink in Singapore. Nor would she have guessed that 2 years on, she'd be drawing for a living in her home studio, accompanied by her 4 cats. If you're lucky, you might find scraps of her NUS certificate in her toilet roll when you visit her for a tattoo appointment.

See Min can be overly ambitious at times - even when the world tells her that a girl shouldn't be so crazy about tattoos. Thus, she still dreams that Henndrawn might gradually help eradicate the stigma of body art in Singapore, not without your help of course. Are you shookt by the fact that you can be part of that change too?

Meet the Henndrawn Artistry Collective Team 



Social worker by day, Jagua artist/national handballer/cat-lover/daughter/sister/friend/counsellor by night. Legend says Xuehan has 5 brains (4 right brains, of course) and 7 arms. Legend also sometimes says the 3 Henndrawn artists are siblings. Go figure.

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Wei Tai

Wei Tai is an aspiring artist with a penchant for detailed illustration and photography. He has long been fascinated by body art, and Henndrawn has become a remarkable way of expression. Talk to him about your passions, travels, love for animals, or just basketball - a combination works!

You can either be a work of art or wear one.
— Oscar Wilde